Brides, Don’t Make These Wedding Day Photo Mistakes


When you hire a photographer, most brides think they should take care of everything related to photography. You just have to choose the right photographer, but getting the best photos for your wedding day can seem hard when you're looking through hundreds of photographer websites and photo galleries. These days, you can’t even rely on word of mouth. Even if you have the best photographer, you shouldn’t leave everything up to whoever you hire. No matter which photographer you choose, there are things that you need to do in order to make sure your photographer can take the best pictures possible. Here’s what you need to know.


Have you ever seen a great picture ruined by a cluttered background? This is something that you don't want in your wedding day photo album. Make sure that the space you are preparing in is clean, neat, and organized. You also want to make sure the space doesn't have a background item that you'll hate to see in your wedding day photo album. You (or whomever you assigned this task to) are essentially the ultimate visual scene setter. That means you will set “the stage” to make sure not one picture will be wasted because of unfavorable background items. Even when you're getting your makeup done, try to have your makeup artist neatly arrange their makeup tools. If there's anything you can't remove, like curtains or if you're in borrowed space,  make sure to tell your photographer not to capture photos in that particular area.


If you don't have a wedding planner and are doing the planning yourself, let your photographer know ahead of time.  You may want to schedule a particular time to get ready and have photos taken of your before or pre-wedding preparations, recommending at least 2 hours prior to the start of the ceremony. This way you can still take care of what you need to get done before the wedding and still have pictures that show your princess-like preparations. If you're constantly having to get up and fix things while the photographer is trying to take pictures, you may get pictures of yourself showing frustration, anger, or some other unfavorable expression. I’m sure you want all the best photos from your photographer, so don’t waste just even one picture. Lastly, let your wedding party interact during the photoshoot it helps capture the timeless candid moments. Most weddings are on a tight schedule, so having the locations scouted ahead of time helps with time management. Again, you want the most shots available. Look your best in every picture, so if you can't assign a task to someone else, it's best to stage every desirable princess-like moment you want in your photo album.


Wedding photography isn't all about editing photos to make you look like a high profile model, instead, it's about capturing your heartfelt emotions and beautiful memories. You'll notice that your favorite photos are the ones where you are relaxed, comfortable, and having fun. Try your best to enjoy each moment and be confident in your skin and comfortable in your dress. This day isn't for worrying about sucking in your stomach or insecurities. Make sure you have the appropriate undergarments, like a girdle, if you're worried about your stomach area. If you're concerned about a blemish, talk with your photographer about editing it. Minor edits like a few blemishes may be included or easy enough to fix. However, remember, your photographer will have hundreds of photos to edit and a minor detail on every photo is a painstakingly, tedious task. You could always try a good concealer. Either way,  your goal is to be confident and stress-free because either will show in your pictures.

Even though you hire professionals, some details will still be left up to you, the bride. Make sure your special day and wedding photo album is filled with happy memories and not a handful of stressful moments. All of these suggestions may seem like they are trivial and unnecessary, however, you will find that your photoshoots will go smoother. Take charge on your wedding day, even in the professional’s arena.


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