Photography: Wedding Day and After Expectations


The Big day has arrived and it’s time for all that you’ve planned to take place. Everything is going well and then your photographer asks if you’d like to do first looks. Well, if you have a good photographer, this won’t be the first time you’ve heard the phrase. However, after your big day, you may have important questions about the pictures your photographer took. According to our research, here are the most frequently asked bridal questions.


What are First Looks?

As we said before, this isn’t a phrase that you should hear on your wedding day. You should have talked about the different types of pictures you wanted during your photography consultation. First looks are pictures that capture the surprise and excitement of someone who sees the bride in her wedding dress or the groom in his attire for the first time. It is usually done with just the bride and the groom seeing each other. However, it can be the bride’s parents seeing her right before the wedding or even with the bridesmaids seeing the completed transformation of the bride. No matter who it is, there are a variety of picture poses to choose from. They range from a tap on the shoulder, back to back reveal, a staircase descent, blindfolding, and many more. These powerful moments are very intimate, full of emotion, and are captured forever.

Do You Use Lighting?


Again, this is a question your photographer should have discussed with you prior to your wedding day. If you want the best conditions for perfect pictures, make sure your photographer uses lighting in tandem with natural light.

When Will I See My Photos?

Every bride and groom wants to know this question. For a day that’s filled with lots of joy and happiness, you want to quickly relive those moments by viewing your photos. We don’t blame you. However, due to the number of photos taken, it may take anywhere from four to six weeks to perfectly edit and upload your photos. This is completely normal. At Carpe Diem Design Studio, it typically takes about 3 - 4 weeks to deliver 500-800 images to clients.


How Do I Order Prints?

Once you receive your photos and you’ve chosen the ones you like, you can order prints directly through your photographer’s provided gallery. Most photographers use a file-sharing website so that clients can easily order the photos they want. Your photographer will upload the finished photos to a gallery via Pixieset, Shootproof, Pic-Time, or to their own self-hosted gallery. These galleries can quickly and electronically deliver photos to you in a variety of sizes and mediums.


How Do I Move Forward In Booking Carpe Diem Design Studio?

The best way to limit guessing on your wedding day is to book with Carpe Diem Design Studio. If you’ve decided you’d like to work with us, send an email with your scheduled wedding day, time, and other information to or give us a call 6094912885. In order to reserve your wedding day and times, you’ll need to review our contract to assure it’s 100% accurate. Also, a  25% deposit is required. If you are planning a destination wedding, then travel accommodations are also necessary.


Being prepared for your big day is more than just planning poses and first looks. You should find out the information about the timing of photo delivery and ordering your finished photos. Get all of the details before you find yourself in overwhelming anticipation or you could just hire Carpe Diem Design Studio and save yourself the trouble.

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