Planning a Destination Wedding


Planning a destination wedding can become a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing or what you’re looking for. I’m sure you’ve heard of destination disasters, but we aim to help our customers and potential clients find out all the information they may need to know in order to have a great experience, especially with their photographer. Bringing a photographer could  be an added expense that is truly worth it, but you should know what you’re getting into before you leap. As the head photographer at Carpe Diem Design Studio, I know a couple things that can help you avoid disaster. Here are my five top photography suggestions for planning a destination wedding. 



Tell the World…Soon


If you are planning a destination wedding, notifying your potential wedding party and guests should be the first thing you do. It’s heartbreaking to go to another country for your wedding knowing that more could have joined you had you only given them the opportunity to afford the trip and it can show in your photos. A minimum of ten to twelve months should be sufficient time for everyone to gather their funds and make monthly payments on their trip. Although a smaller crowd is ideal for a photographer, you may look back at your photos and wished certain people were there. Even if you want an intimate wedding, I’m sure there will be specific people you want to take pictures with on your big day. Give your family and friends ample opportunity to make it happen. The more people that can make it to your wedding, the more perks you may be in store for. 


Find A Good Photographer
The best photos are the ones that come from spontaneous moments of good fun, laughter, and emotion. Make sure your photographer is someone that understands you and wants the best for your wedding. Check out their personality and the type of photo poses they often capture. This is the best indication of what type of poses and angles they will capture at your wedding. Also make time to find out how many times they have been to your destination. Photographers tend to limit the number of times they want to travel to the same country and/or the same resort. 


Photography Costs

Experienced photographers will charge the cost of their travel and board along with the cost of their services. You may find some photographers that will only charge for room and board, however be cautious because they may be severely inexperienced with destination weddings. It is quite normal for photographers to ask for the full price of their package upfront instead of just a down payment. This is so they aren’t booking a spot no one else can use only for a customer to later cancel (which means they could have lost another customer due to the unavailability). 


Travel Expenses

If you’re using a travel agent, ask them if there are any freebies available based on the number of people that are coming to your wedding. Most resorts give couples this luxury. Sometimes it’s based on the number of guests that book rooms and for other resorts, it’s based on the number of nights that are booked and paid for. Try obtaining the needed number of guests or nightly stays. Then, instead of giving away the freebie to friends and family,  use your free room or flight for your photographer and save money. 


Resort Photographers

When planning a destination wedding, be sure to check your wedding package because it could include a resort photographer. Although this could save you money, you may not know what you’re getting. Deciding not to use them could cost you upwards of $800. However, hiring a photographer is a good ideas. Sometimes resort photographers are untrained and work in multiple capacities within the resort. If you fly in a photographer, just make sure the resort photographers knows in advance, this will save you the headache of having an angry resort photographer or the problem of them trying to take all the shots from your hired professional. 


Planning a destination wedding can be difficult when you don’t know what to expect. I hope this post makes all the difference and eases your discomfort about booking photographers for a destination wedding. You will see how much easier and smoother it is now that you have the knowledge for booking your own destination wedding photographer. Carpe Diem Design Studio has experience traveling and is willing and ready to help you plan the best wedding possible. Email us at dblake@carpediemdesignstudio today for more information.

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