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Donovan Blake is a photographer originally from the Jersey Shore.

Hi I'm Donovan, founder and photographer of Carpe Diem Design Studio. Most people have heard the famous phrase, Carpe Diem and know it's meaning to be Seize the Day. Yet many people don't take the advice. Neither did I, until now. However I have realized that living in the moment can mean that I miss capturing it. The catch 22 of that is when you are capturing it, you take away from living in the moment. 

How I was inspired to become a visual storyteller.  It all began with a conversation.

I started my creative journey in high school as a painter and in college I transferred my creativity into a different medium, graphic design. I remember one day going through the family photo albums recalling memories and emotions that were essentially "frozen in time".  I wanted to continue to capture my travel adventures and be able to share those moments and experiences later on in life.  I soon realized my satisfaction in helping others capture their desired memorable moments and emotions.  One day I noticed I began seeing the world differently through the camera lens.  It was a summer day, and the sun was setting over the bay, while me and one of my best friends were discussing photography as a passion of mine, she expressed me to "take the leap!"  And just like that the spark was lit!

The team's mission.

We are a photography and graphic design company that is  pushing the boundaries of conventional principles of design and photography.  We blend storytelling and creativity to create unique images for our clients.

When you book with Carpe Diem, know that you can effectively seize the day! You can enjoy your wedding, birthday, and other events without worrying about missing moments made in history. You'll have a variety of reasonably priced, quality pictures to choose from.  My team and I are easy to talk to and offer down to earth, professional customer service. 

Services We Provide:

Photography - Weddings, birthdays, Quincearas, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Prom, Graduation portraits, Senior portraits, Fashion Shows, Greek life events,  Small business marketing content and much more including product photography.

Graphic Design - Flyers and advertisements, photo enhancements/manipulation, Vector art, digital art

Logo Design - Custom creation, Logo redesign and repair

Website Design - Aesthetically and visually pleasing, Search Engine Optimization, E-commerce, and more

You never know who your art might inspire.

Donovan Blake

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Donovan Blake
Trenton, NJ
+1 609 491 2885

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