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Indian weddings are one of the most beautiful and colorful weddings. They are filled with great traditions that have been passed down for centuries. There is so much to do when a wedding can last for multiple days. I was recently honored to be the photographer for the last part of an Indian wedding. Here are some of my favorite parts. 

Indian weddings traditionally have a focal point where the bride, groom, and their parents sit for the ceremony. It is an elevated and beautifully decorated structure called a mandap. It consists of four pillars and a covering. Then, It’s decorated with flowy drapes and flowers, and sometimes other things like religious statues. It is elevated so that all the guests are able to see the ceremony.



In the center of the mandap is a fire pit, better known as an agni, where the Hindu priest performs seven rounds to purify their love. The vows that the bride and groom take during the seven rounds are one of the most important parts of the ceremony. The vows are prayers that ask for things such as long life together, noble children, a healthy life, and much more. Each round promises their love, affection, and respect towards one another. The last and final round signifies that the couple is now legally husband and wife. 

Another thing that adds beautiful colors and patterns to the wedding are the traditional Indian attire. The bride is usually adorned in a wedding Sari, Lehenga, Gagra Choli or Odni as a form of bridal dresses. The groom usually wears a long tunic called a Sherwani and fitted pants. Traditionally, he wears the same color as the bride. He also wears a turban with a brooch that symbolizes respect. 


Overall, I would love to be the photographer for another Indian or cultural wedding. It restores a sense of distinction, nobility, and glory to a ceremony that can sometimes be viewed incorrectly or easily disregarded (divorce). I’m grateful to have been part of this spectacular event. If you would like to have Carpe Diem Design Studio as your wedding photographer, please email me at

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